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Predictive Diagnostics Calculator

Payback Analysis

Technology is available that scans your electrical equipment and alerts you to an impending problem, giving you time to react before an unplanned outage occurs.

How do you know if you should invest in this technology? Would the technology pay for itself? How can you know?

Use this calculator to determine if installing predictive diagnostic equipment makes sense for your application. If you already know the cost of implementation and the amount of annual savings, you can use the ROI function to determine an equivalent rate of return (ROI or IRR). If you don't know these costs, just enter in the type of equipment installed and the calculator will determine if the amount of savings from reduced downtime justifies the cost of the predictive diagnostic equipment. Examining a PD controller

For the most detailed analysis, select only one type of equipment at a time and run the analysis. In general, the benefits of partial discharge technology decrease as you go down the list. In other words, the large liquid filled transformers are most likely to benefit from PD and cables are the lowest. However, this all depends on your cost of downtime. In some applications, loss of power means loss of life ($1 million / occurance), so installing equipment that can provide early warning of cable failure may be justified.

This version of the calculator only considers medium voltage equipment. (Medium voltage defined as greater than 1000 volts).


  1. If you know the cost of the solution and the amount of savings and you want to solve for an equivalent ROI, use Calculator 1.
  2. If you are not sure of the cost of the solution or the amount of the annual benefit, use Calculator 2.

Calculator 1

I Know The Cost and Savings of The Solution
$ Solution Cost
$ Annual Savings
   Useful Life of Equipment (years)

Calculator 2

I DO NOT Know The Cost and Savings of The Solution
MV Equipment To Protect
Liquid Transformer > 10 MVA kVA
Liquid Transformer < 10 MVA kVA
MV Dry-Type Transformer kVA
MV Breaker kV
MV Switch kV
MV Bus total feet of longest run
MV Cable total feet of longest run

2.  If the selected equipment were to fail and all power was
      removed from downstream loads, what would that cost your
(downtime in dollars per hour)
(additional costs of each event, liabilities, legal costs, environmental penalties)

3. How much would it cost to repair or replace the equipment you
    selected above?:
Not Sure (select this and we will just provide the industry average based on the type and rating of equipment you selected).

4. How old is the equipment?

5. How would you describe the maintenance to date?

6. How would you describe the environment?



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